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Manhattans Bronxes and Queens

This illustrated book of verse was published in 1931, and is the first book by publisher Wilfred J. Funk (Funk & Wagnalls) as author. Mr. Funk’s hobby was light verse. While his poetry wasn’t that distinguised, Funk was wealthy and could do whatever he wanted, so he hired Russell Patterson to supply illustrations for his book. The conventions of these two men matched up well.

The dust jacket; one wonders what these reading women might have thought of this book?
Title page, featuring a stylish female figure balancing several huge cocktail glasses on her nose
Stylish couple clink glasses over a punch bowl—him smug, her difficult-to-read

Despite the book’s title and drawings for the title pages, there’s not that much specifically about drink or drinking in Manhattans Bronxes and Queens, but there’s a great deal about male/female relations in an affluent culture now synonymous with cocktail culture. Below are some excerpts:

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