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Portrait from “The Bartender’s Manual”, 1888

Theophile Proulx


Left behind an insightful cocktail book

Theophile Proulx (who sometimes went by Theodore) was born in Montreal and wound up in Chicago bartending as a young man in the 1880s. Proulx doesn’t appear to have been well-known as a bartender, but he clearly had higher aspirations than slinging drinks, anyway, as he would soon become an attorney. Before doing so, however, he wrote and self-published a small book on mixology, “The Bartender’s Manual” (1888). In addition to introducing the Old Fashioned to print, Proulx’s book is mainly interesting—much like Kappeler a few years later—for how he wrote about drinks: in systematic, precise, insightful prose. Unlike terse formulas, Proulx reveals some of the thinking behind the recipes. Proulx is buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Chicago.

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