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Victor Vaughen Morris


Inventor or popularizer of the Pisco Sour

Victor Morris was born to a prominent Mormon family, and apparently experienced success in the flower business in Salt Lake City as a young man, before departing, in 1903, for Peru to work with the (Mormon-owned) Cerro de Pasco Railway Company. By 1916, he had left the railroad business and opened Morris’ Bar in Lima, off the main plaza. His bar was for many years the leading, high-end, well-traveled American-style bar in Peru. Morris’ Bar was known for its Pisco Sours (first documented there by that name) amongst other drinks, and bartenders that worked for him took the Pisco Sour with them to other establishments. Indeed, one of his bartenders, Mario Bruiget, is credited by some for garnishing the egg white froth of the drink with the drops of aromatic bitters that are typical of the drink we know today.

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