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Harry Craddock


Wrote the best-selling Savoy Cocktail Book and co-founded the UKBG

Craddock was born in England in 1875, but lived in the United states from 1897-1920, becoming a U.S. citizen and working various hotels including the Knickerbocker and Hoffman House in New York. Upon Prohibition, Craddock moved to London and worked at the Savoy Hotel beginning 1920. Craddock took over as the head bartender at the Savoy in 1926, upon the popular Ada Coleman’s retirement. Craddock authored the lavish and sprawling Savoy Cocktail Book (1931), and co-founded the United Kingdom Bartender’s Guild (UKBG) in 1934, also editing the Guild’s official “Book of Approved Cocktails” (1937). In 1938, Craddock moved to the Dorchester Hotel, and later concluded his career at the Browns Hotel.

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