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The ‘Cocktail Canon’ Timeline

When we think about, write about, and discuss cocktail history (or any other specialization) we often do so as if it all happened in a vacuum. Our sense of timescale is often vague or distorted, as well. In this exhibit we place many of the significant publications in our bibliography on a timeline against some of the other notable things that were taking place in the drinks industry and the world. (See also our other timeline The Evolution of Mixed Drinks.)

This exhibit is interactive:

  • Use your browser’s zoom feature to make the timeline larger or smaller
  • Slide timeline left and right by dragging it or using your device’s scrolling features
  • Click/tap on book jackes for bibliographic information
  • Switch between different sets of historical context:

Note for screen readers: this exhibit consists of a large graphical timeline where the decades from 1790 through the current day are represented left to right. Myriad books and contextual events from history are positioned on this timeline, some with lines connecting them to indicate out their relationships. This visual timeline is not navigable with a screen reader. Please see our related bibliography instead.

Designed by Martin Doudoroff. Contributions by Greg Boehm, David Wondrich, Luke Andrews, Robert Hess, Audrey Saunders, Robert Simonson, Ben Schaffer, Federico Sardi, Jessica Spector, and François Monti. Pointer icons by @sawyerh.